Our new Multi-Talent

- an extra small, flexible and affordable Track Rotate

multi-talent track-rotate

The new standard component in our L - Series is an all-rounder and an alternative for many of our other standard features. This new Rotate Unit combines the features of a corner, a diverter, a junction, an intersection, a rotate and a track rotate in one unit.

  • Quick turn cycles
  • High safety standards
  • Small space requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Unbeatable price

... are just some of the key features of that new component.

Driven by an electric motor, the rollers drive and stop the pallets on top of the fully enclosed rotate plate. A separate motor which doesn’t need a VFD turns the platform via a friction clutch and a shot pin locks the turn unit in place.

Please watch the video to see our brand new component in action, find a technical data sheet and more information here and contact our Sales Team for your furture application.