Change of management at KRUPS

Führungswechsel im Hause KRUPS
August 2019 - The founders Matthias & Peter Krups hand over to the next generation
It all started in 1983. KRUPS Fördersysteme GmbH was founded by the brothers Peter and Matthias Krups in Neuwied, Germany. The first self-engineered and developed products were belt and roller conveyors. Today - 36 years later, Krups has established itself as a medium-sized, family-owned company for modern and innovative conveyor systems on the international market.

KRUPS at Motek 2019

Krups Automation GmbH - Motek 2019 - Arts meets Innovation
07. - 10. October 2019. Art meets Innovation with our brand new e-Cart 600 Series

This year, we are pleased to present you two highlights at Motek. On the first two days of the exhibition, Monday and Tuesday, a live tape art cover will be created live in front of your eyes at our booth 4206. At the same time, we will be presenting our new e-Cart 600 series and the special features of the next generation transport system on three full days of the fair.


Dylan Pechiney
Our apprentice Dylan Pechiney successfully graduated from his two-year apprenticeship program.
We welcome him as a full-time employee and are excited to see him grow into his new role at LOGOMAT.

Automate Show CHICAGO IL Review

automate show first impression
Our sales team just returned from the Automate Show in Chicago, Illinois
Our sales team just returned from the Automate Show in Chicago, Illinois. We had a great time showing off our revamped e-Cart V2 and our reliable L-Series Conveyor Systems, as well as networking with returning customers and getting to know potential new ones. 

Impressions from the Automate Show CHICAGO IL 

automate show first impression
The first pictures from our booth at the Automate Show in Chicago IL are available now
At this year's exhibition, we welcome our customers and prospects to the Automate Show in MCCORMICK PLACE, Chicago IL at booth #9617. As a special highlight, we will be presenting our completely redesigned e-Cart V2 to our trade fair visitors.

We are expanding our capabilities in China 

krups delegation
March 18th, 2019, Krups officially launched the latest venture, a production facility in the Sino-German Eco Park in Qingdao
After 5 years of sales and service from our office in Shanghai, on March 18th, 2019, Krups officially launched our latest venture, a production facility in the Sino-German Eco Park in Qingdao, China. With 1,600 m² of production space and 150 m² of office space, we are excited to begin locally producing and assembling our products for the Chinese market.

Major design improvements for e-Cart V2

logomat e cart
The most intelligent conveyor solution for assembly and test automation in the automotive industry
Transferring power smoothly between straight track sections and rotating components is important when using self-driven part carriers. The e-Cart System is an intelligent conveyor solution mainly used in assembly and test automation. It features an electrically driven cart, the e-Cart V2, which safely drives along a static, maintenance-free track.

LOGO!MAT E-CART Battery Pack Assembly

logomat e cart
The Most Modern and Safe Battery Pack Assembly and Test Conveyance for E-Mobility
Even when carrying heavy loads or traveling at high speeds, our e-Cart offers unparalleled safety features such as active braking with minimal braking-distance. By combining maintenance-free guide rails, easy to maintain carts, and standardized Track Rotate Units, Stop Units, and Shuttles, LOGOMAT brings you yet another well-thought-out system for the construction of a battery pack assembly or test automation line.

Automate Show April 08 - 11, 2019 MCCORMICK Place, Chicago IL

krups automate show 2019 rev5
New this year, we would like to welcome you to the Automate Show 2019 at our booth #9617 in MCCORMICK PLACE, CHICAGO, IL from April 8th to 11th. At this year's exhibition, we will be demonstrating the possibilities of our e-Cart transport system with self-driving, intelligent carts that drive on a passive conveyor line. 

We specialize in moving your products, but we take pride in moving your hearts as well.

krups fördersysteme soziales engagement
We want to take this time to say thank you for the partnership we have built, and as we move into the New Year, we look forward to continuing this trusting and productive relationship. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of good health, happiness and all the success in the world. This holiday season, our company is thankful to be able to continue a tradition of donating gifts and offering support to those in need. This tradition is close to our hearts, and we are proud to offer our contribution to Wunschträume e.V. – The Network for Girls and Women Projects.

LOGOMAT - Assembly Magazine December 2018 Edition

assembly show 2018 slider rev6

We're pleased to announce the presentation of our US Company LOGOMAT within a corporate profile in next december edition of the assembly Magazine.
LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. is a leading supplier of assembly automation and conveyor systems. Founded in Germany in 1981, LOGOMAT has an immense amount of experience in planning and manufacturing test and assembly lines.

Network for Girls & Women Projects

krups fördersysteme soziales engagement
The year 2018 is quickly coming to a close. As we take a moment to pause the hectic pace of everyday life, we look back and see that 2018 was a very successful year full of innovations and trend-setting technology highlights for LOGOMAT and our parent company Krups Fördersysteme GmbH.

The Assembly Show 2018: Looking Back

assembly show 2018 slider rev6
LOGOMAT was proud to display our newly redesigned e-Cart V2 system at this year’s Assembly Show.
The e-Cart broadens our legacy as a pioneer in the industry and attendees had the chance to see this innovative and revolutionary conveyor system in action.

Sinclair Community College

LOGOMAT is proud to be a part of this program that is developing a new generation of highly qualified technicians, specializing in mechanics and electronics, who are ready to succeed in a modern work environment.
What an amazing time we had celebrating the FIRST GRADUATING CLASS of the Mechatronics Apprenticeship Partners Program (MAP^2)! Through our partnership with FESTO Didactic, Inc. students are able to earn while they learn, spending a couple of days in a traditional school setting, and the rest of their week getting on-the-job training at their employer's facility.
We'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Associate Dean of our Mason campus,...

Automatica 2018 in Munich looking back

TeaserWe just wrapped up a very successful and exciting trade show at Automatica 2018 in Munich. Our exhibitors presented a selection of the many options we offer in each of our product series. KRUPS, the family with system, offers much more than just the conveyor. From planning and design support, to innovative, well-engineered standard components and customer-specific adjustments, all the way through to our exclusive service by trained personnel at attractive rates – that is what we offer at KRUPS.
Highlights of this year’s expo include our newly launched electric Stop Unit which has an identical interface to and can thus seamlessly replace...

Full access to your part AND the inside of your conveyor

- Remove the Barriers in your workspace with the LOGO!MAT E-CART

E CART Assembly Barrier free teaserMany assembly processes, especially in engine assembly, require total access to the part by the operator. The part hangs on tooling outside of the actual conveyor so it can be rotated for access to all sides, and supplies need to be readily accessible.

Historically, these applications lead to vertical conveyors where carriers with the parts hang on the side. The vertical support structure creates a wall in the facility, making it impossible for operators to quickly and efficiently get to the opposite side in the event of an emergency or to retrieve supplies.

This leads...

Our NEW LOGO!MAT E-CART Track Shuttle

E CART Track Shuttle 480x300The LOGO!MAT E-CART Track Shuttle is used to redirect the E-CART perpendicular to its normal traveling direction. That can eliminate two Track Rotates for offline spurs. Because of using a DC brushless motor with a motor controller, the stop locations can be adjusted and changed as needed. Multiple stop locations can be easily realized by just changing the program of the shuttle. Acceleration, deceleration, torque and stop locations are also just a matter of program parameters. To make it a safe operation, hard stops are set at every side of the travel ends. Roller level switches constantly and automatically measure reference travel to ensure accuracy while...

LOGOMAT Shanghai

We are celebrating the first anniversary

logomat-chnToday, one year ago, our foundation of LOGOMAT Shanghai in China had been officially started. The last year has been exciting and challenging, but we can‘t wait to see what the future brings for our facility in China.   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

LOGO!MAT Pallet Kicker

pallet kicker 1The LOGO!MAT Pallet Kicker is a simple, clean and efficient design to ensure pallets depart quickly after any stop location within your conveyor system. The Pallet Kicker can kick start heavy loads (up to 250 kg) or achieve repeatable acceleration of pallets in oily conditions. Machine oil (if in use) can build up on rollers and cause a situation where pallets have trouble taking off in stations. Increased cycle times simply mean your company is losing money and your system is not operating efficiently. With the use of the Pallet Kicker you can eliminate any sort of pallet acceleration issues from stop points in a cost effective and efficient way.

You can find a video,...

Manual Docking Carts

docking cart rigidEven fully automated conveyor systems need Manual Docking Carts to take pallets off manually for repair and to reintroduce them again. We have our own Manual Docking Cart design that fits perfectly to our conveyors and includes many smart features and docking devices. Also, customized designs with special requirements can be made and delivered directly with your conveyor.

The LOGO!MAT Manual Docking Carts are available for our L - and XL - Series with some of the following features:

  • Caster rollers in different designs offer great handling and reduced rolling resistance for easier, more stable handling and moving
  • Optional floor lock or wheel brakes
  • Different pallet locking...

System integration

LOGOMAT Control integration"When a Tier 1 automotive chassis component manufacturer needed to implement an Error Proofing System, they turned to their conveyor OEM and their control systems integrator for help. They needed to be able to track pallets through the test stations and control the pallet movement with sensors and solenoids. The conveyor itself presented the next challenge since it was an over-under conveyor system with the upper level for assembly and the lower level for pallet return, causing limited space for associated controls hardware and mounting." (

Read more, how a potential control systems integration into LOGO!MAT Conveyors can work with one of our long-term business...

Our new Multi-Talent

- an extra small, flexible and affordable Track Rotate

multi talent track rotate teaser

The new standard component in our L - Series is an all-rounder and an alternative for many of our other standard features. This new Rotate Unit combines the features of a corner, a diverter, a junction, an intersection, a rotate and a track rotate in one unit.

  • Quick turn cycles
  • High safety standards
  • Small space requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Unbeatable price

... are just some of the key features of that new component.

Driven by an electric motor, the rollers drive and stop the pallets on top of the fully enclosed rotate plate. A separate motor which doesn’t need a VFD turns the platform via a friction...

Motek 2014 - Trade fair review

Motek Review 2014 teaserMotek, the international trade fair, has come to an end, generating much success for us as an organization.

We have exhibited our brand new innovative assembly system, the LOGO!MAT E-CART, from October 6th - 9th at the world leading trade fair for automation in production and assembly in Stuttgart, Germany.

This completely new concept, having a pallet transfer system with electrical driven pallets (E-CARTs), has created much sensation and aroused a considerable interest ever since it was introduced to the market. Integrators and end users were informed about the basic technical information along with the application possibilities by our young, dynamic and highly...

LOGOMAT Shanghai

KRUPS Fördersysteme announces joint venture in China

logomat-chnThe new joint venture LOGOMAT (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. started officially on September 1st, 2014 at their new facility in Shanghai, Xuhui District. That new location allows direct sales, customer support, and service of our LOGO!MAT Conveyor Systems in China. This is the first step for increasing KRUPS Fördersysteme GmbH’s presence in the Asian market.   -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our new LOGO!MAT Planning Tool

planning tool teaserOur exclusive Planning Tool for general assembly line planning is now online: Just try and discover all the possibilities that our LOGO!MAT Transfer Systems have to offer.
Our Planning Tool is specifically designed to provide you with all of our standard components as generic 2D drawing blocks or symbols. They will lead you in an automated and easy way to a conclusive layout of your future line. All main requirements of the LOGO!MAT Conveyors are incorporated, so you don’t have to take care of special increments, gaps or other specifications.
You can focus on the essentials: To develop an innovative and operational new line for your production purposes.

Our new Website

05-28-14 KRUPS News BildMore detailed information, a customer login area for data sheet, drawing and planning tool downloads, an intuitive menu structure combined with a modern design, that's the new KRUPS Fördersysteme GmbH website. Explore it and check in to follow our frequent updates on our products.

Our newly designed and developed website will become our main platform for customer support and communication. It will be the tool for our customers to get direct and updated information about our products. All standard component data, drawings and models as well as technical documentations will be offered for download in the customer login area. We will be using the customer specific logins...