Assembly Show 2018 looking back

The e-Cart broadens our legacy as a pioneer in the industry andattendees had the chance to see this innovative and revolutionary conveyor system in action. 

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Remove Barriers in your Workspace


The E-CARTs low, walkable track and offset carrier option provides total access to your part for assembly and the inside of your conveyor while removing the wall created by traditional vertical conveyors.
Read more to see how using state of the art, E-CART conveyance technology can remove the barriers in your workspace.

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The new LOGO!MAT Electric Stop Unit

A reasonably priced, completely electric, BUS-capable, and adjustable Stop Unit with active end-positioning for a wide range of pallet weights, THAT is the new LOGO!MAT Electric Stop Unit. Implement this new component into your next conveyor system and profit off the reduced installation and operational costs while maintaining maximum performance..

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